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Staffy x





Approximate Age

4 months





Update from foster carer ...

If you are interested in adopting this dog then please read our Adoption Policy and then complete an Adoption Application.  

Dog Friendly

Cat Friendly

Child Friendly

House Trained (almost)


She is a lovely happy little pup who appears good with other dogs.  Just wants to play and have cuddles.  A complete wriggle bum who wrinkles her face up in excitement at the thought of a cuddle.

Ella is currently in a foster home with a young family, a dog and a cat.  She is improving with her house training and has learnt how to sit.



Update from foster career ...

Well what can I say about Ella, she is showing herself to be a brilliant girl.  She has recently started going out for walks on a harness following her vaccinations and walks very well on a lead.  She is at present wary of cars and other loud noises from buses and lorries, but with little and gentle persuasion she is happy to carry on her walk and she looks back to make sure you are still with her.

She is a fun loving, playful girl and a real gem with the kids.  She is gentle with treats and plays well with Daisy and Sally and loves her cuddles with them.  She was at first scared about going into the crate when needed but with lots of treats and praise and access to crate all day this has been improving daily and will now go into crate on demand and 1 treat once in.  Toilet training is going well, the odd accident here and there but she does ask to go out by waiting by the back door and she is clean during the night and settles well.

She is good with dogs and kids and is happy to live with our cat, but she does get a little over excited when they are together.. so more training is needed on that part.  She likes to jump and nip at the cat when on the work surface eating her meals.  Ella will be a brilliant addition to any family.

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