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Approximate Age

18 months





Update from foster carer ...

If you are interested in adopting this dog then please read our Adoption Policy and then complete an Adoption Application.  

Dog Friendly (prefers dogs)

House Trained

Lexi has been neglected in the past and was quite shy at first but she soon came round.  Now she's quite boisterous and loves to play and is ball mad!

As she has not been in a house where she's had attention she is used to doing her own thing and chews a lot if left for only a few minutes.  She gets distressed if left on her own, barks and cries quite a lot at first but settles down.  She does need a lot more time spent with her to get her to know the boundaries fully as i think she's just been left without having any.  She would be better in a home where she gets the attention she deserves.  She gets on with dogs more than bitches, or perhaps an older no nonsense bitch.

She knows sit, stand, come, give, drop, lay down with only hand signals and is very quick to learn new things.  She would be fantastic at agility or flyball with training.  Ideally she would love somewhere she could run and play in water even a  paddling pool is great because she loves water so much.  She really is a loving beautiful dog.

She is fully house trained and sleeps all night when with someone.  She just needs time, patience and love.  She's good on a lead now too but still needs a bit of work but we don't think she's been on a lead for a long time.
Update from foster carer ...
Lexi is a very energetic, playful bundle of love. She likes to give kisses and adores having her tummy rubbed. Although she loves to play ball outside in the garden, she is also very well behaved out walking. We have had her on a Halti headcollar and this has proved a success. She does seem wary of traffic which we have been working on and seen a great improvement. As long as she knows you are there she is fine, she does like interaction and responds much better to commands if you talk to her and encourage her whilst walking. It seems to boost her confidence and also to hold her attention, which at times can wander, especially if there is a cat nearby as she doesn't like them. She is learning to sit by the kerb to wait to cross the roads, more often than not without the aid of a treat now.

Lexi is very collie like in her behaviour, and as she hasn't had alot of training in the past she will definitely benefit from an experienced owner. She is very bouncy and playful and will try and instigate play with most other dogs she meets. She is quite vocal and likes to rough and tumble play, which can get a little heated sometimes, especially if toys are involved, so we believe she should be an only dog for now.

She is good with children, but older ones would be better suited to her energy levels and boisterous nature, good at football would be a bonus! although don't expect to play much footie with the ball after 5 minutes :) She has been sleeping at night in a 48inch cage and sleeps well all night, stays clean and dry, and doesn't chew bedding as long as she has a calcium bone or something similar to occupy her (we did have an incident of quilt de-stuffing early on, just boredom, and caught red-handed....wish I'd had the camera!) She does whine a little sometimes, mainly because she thinks you're ignoring her. A cuddle soon sorts it.

Lexi is a beautiful girl who is craving a warm, loving home and someone she can put her trust in. She will need to be taught what the boundaries are, but she is a quick learner, and eager to please.


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