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Jack Russell Terrier





Approximate Age

5 months




If you are interested in adopting this dog then please read our Adoption Policy and then complete an Adoption Application.  

Dog Friendly

Cat Friendly

Child Friendly

Sid is a loving and affectionate little Jack Russell pup, with a sweet nature who just wants to play.  He loves human interaction but is also great with other dogs.  When out for walks he is brilliant on a lead, he hasn't been let off as he will need some training with recall.  As he is still a pup he is intrigued by other dogs so is a little bouncy, trying to sniff and work them out.

He is currently teething and is addicted to chew toys, he likes to have a few to choose from at once, and if anyone takes one (human or another dog) he will be very sneaky and wait till there not looking to grab it back!  He is such a little character.

Sid is almost housetrained, he does have the odd accident but with encouragement he has improved vastly over the past week so I'm sure it will not take long at all for him to be fully housetrained.  Sid is an absolute pleasure to live with as he is full of energy but also likes to have his own time to play.



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