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Success Stories


Twinkle is a little Star


update from Twinkles new owner ...



Just wanted to share this with you.

Our local paper holds a Festive Pets competition each year, so here is Twinkle looking cute. Plus a bit of publicity!Merry Christmas!



Pippa (was Honey)



Update from Pippa's new owners ...


Thought I'd send you a photo of Pip for your website of her mammoth walk/run/swim in Cuerden Valley Park today. This photo was taken just before the muddy puddle paddling she indulged in … she's never keen on the resulting bath tho!

She's still such a happy bundle of joy and we want to thank you for giving us the chance to have her - its only been 5 weeks but she's firmly established as a member of our family.





Update from Max's new owner ...


Good morning, I thought you might like to see Max bonding with his new mate.

He has started to follow her around and they are getting on brilliantly. I can't remember what it was like before he moved in now. It's going great.






Gizmo is really settled now and knows loads of new tricks.He walks well off lead for me and Jean and is a very quick learner.This week he’s off to dog training. He obeys all our commands and gets plenty of long walks, he still comes up for fuss on my lap at night.Here he is in his water proof jacket out for country walk, what a lad.






Update from Libby's new owners ...

Libby is a beautiful, loving and gentle young lady... who we are pleased to say is now a member of our family.

We had to have our last dog put to sleep in January this year and has taken us some time to get over losing her, Libby has surely helped with that. She comes running to meet us when we come in after work, sometimes almost wearing her around our neck she jumps that high.... haha, and is always ready for a cuddle of a night time.... :-))

I would really like to thank you for letting us have the chance to adopt Libby, the work you do is amazing......KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, and again thank you...





  Maggie was one of our 'Spotlight On' dogs as she had been in kennels for far too long. She was originally rescued from the pound in February literally hours away from being pts.

Maggie is currently on home trial and it looks like she has fallen on her feet, or not as the case may be. Here she has assumed her favourite position being by your side having a tummy rub.

Well done Maggie and good luck.








Ben has settled in really well with his new family. Here he is enjoying a fun packed day at Beeston Castle.

It was supposed to tire him out but no chance! Places to go .. sniffs to sniff.




Bobby (was Dave)


update from new owner ...


Dave renamed Bobby has settled in smashing. He gets on with our other dog Bindi even to the fact that they kiss each other. He loves chasing after balls and is brilliant with the young grandchildren.






Here is Rita arriving at her new home. They adore her and she walks well. She is in the lap of luxury and has Big Daddy Sam the Rottie as company.





Update from rescue ...


Juno is such a diamond she will have first vax and chip done at the vets on monday. I took her meet a possible adopter last night, a friend of mine, who used to work with blind dogs and the two bonded straight away. It was amazing the way Juno gently cuddled into her. There are no other pets there so I let Juno stay with her. I am only round the corner and dont forsee any problems but just wanted to let you know that Juno is happy and settled and thanks to you at Homeless Hounds she is safe and will be totally spoilt.


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